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Exclusive Bieber-fashion Interview with Justin Bieber’s Stylists.

The Bieber-news/Bieber-fashion team got an exclusive interview with Justin’s official stylists, Kemal & Karla. We asked them a few fan-requested questions about his favorite clothes & and his fashion inspiration. Read the full interview after the jump:

1. What are his favorite brands and his favorite colors to wear?

"His favorite brands are Adidas, Givenchy, KR3W, Balmain, T by Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, and his favorite colors are black, red, white”

2. What is his favorite clothing item out of the many he owns?

"Definitely the custom slouchy leather pants we designed for his tour. We have since made them in many different colors and prints.”

3. Who/what is his fashion inspiration? What influences him to dress the way he does?

"Justin is a true performer so he loves clothing styles that allow him to dance and move. His style is inspired by everything from high end designers to street skate style. He’s an original and loves to have fun. Part of being a visionary is about taking risks. There will always be haters but we are ok with that.”

4. Does he always choose the clothes he wants to wear or do you have an outfit ready for him?

"Our jobs as stylists is to scour the shops and runways for the latest in cool clothes, shoes and accessories for Justin. We also design a lot of custom pieces for him which insures that he’s the only one in the world with those particular looks.”

5. Does he buy all of his clothes?

"The majority of his wardrobe is purchased but sometimes designers loan certain items that were only shown on the runway.”

Follow them on instagram to get more info about Justin’s latest outfits: @kemalandkarla and @karlawelchstylist.